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6 HP Outboard Motor

6 HP Outboard Motor

With the concept of environment-friendly and user-friendly,  Calon Gloria is striving to build engines featuring compact design, simple control, low fuel consumption, high performance and complete reliability.



Calon Gloria F6hp Features: 

1.With anti-tilt design, the carburetor can maintain smooth fuel supply when boat tilt angle up to 40-45 degrees.

2.The carburetor is equipped with two oil inlet nozzles (one connected with the engine fuel pump, the other connected with the built-in fuel tank) and an automatic pump in the middle,which is more conducive to starting the engine.

3.Spiral bevel gear, stronger, run more quietly and can be used for higher reduction ratios with longer life.

4.Run regularly at low temperature and even in emergency

5.Optimized and ingenious anti-watergrass & anti-fishing net design

6.Lubrication system is equipped with oil dip-stick as well as oil watch window.

7.Bigger displacement, 3-5% more power output.

8.Wet sump, forced lubrication system, better protect the engine.

9.Digital CDI ignition for easy start, quick throttle response and smooth trolling, safer and more reliable.


Other advantages:

1.Compact design and large handles, more convenient to carry and operate.

2.Available with both built-in 1.1L fuel tank and with an external 12L fuel tank, easy to use, fast and effective.


Model / F6
TypeFour Stroke
Maximum output6hp (4.4kw)
DimensionsmmS: 750*333*1040         L: 750*333*1168
WeightkgS: 27          L: 28
Maximum operating rangerpm4500-5500
Propeller(in.)7 1/2*8 -BA
Number of cylinder1
Bore x Strokemm62.0 x 46.0
Cooling systemWater/Thermostatic Control
Starting systemManual Start
Oil Ratio Fuel Mixture :50:1
Fuel tank sizeL1.1
Speed controlTwist grip type
Gear ratio2.08 (27:13)
Gear ShiftF-N-R


6 HP Outboard Motor


6 HP Outboard Motor

6 HP Outboard Motor

6 HP Outboard Motor


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