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4 Stroke

Superior outboard, like you’d expect from 4 stroke outboard motor Supplier

The sale of outboard engines is increasing because more and more people have started enjoying their life in water. In a four-stroke engine, the combustion cycle steps occur in four strokes of the piston. The crankshaft is responsible for making two rotations at every cycle of the piston. That means power is created just one time for all four strokes. Instead of having two ports that get covered and uncovered, a four-stroke motor with valves is comparatively better. That is a more complicated design that requires a gear and chain mechanism for it to function. The piston in various motors tends to be flat. However, if noise is an issue for you, other quieter options are also available. Thanks to the technological advancements that have allowed the 4 stroke outboard motor supplier to use four-stroke counterparts regarding environmental friendliness and fuel efficiency. Consider your intended use, type of budget, and maintenance requirements. This way, you can have a motor the way you need.

Why Are 4 Stroke Outboard Engines From 4 Stroke Outboard Motor Manufacturers In Demand?

Reliability, technology, top-quality, and fuel efficiency have made ZHEJIANG CANG LONG POWER MACHINERY CO., LTD an automotive legend. We are leading the way in engineering innovation and precision manufacturing. Well, experience begets innovation. As one of the leading outboard motor supplier, we offer advanced technology and features that cannot be found anywhere else. The transferable and non-declining warranty is the best part of the business.

Our company continually perfects the outboard engines by incorporating technologies from highly advanced automotive and racing heritage. The 4 stroke outboard motor manufacturers give utmost importance to creating cutting-edge outboards by providing durability, quality, reliability, and quiet operation.

Benefits of 4-stroke outboard motor engines

Low operating cost: In comparison to two-stroke outboard motors, four strokes are more fuel-efficient. There is no need for oil for the reduction in your expenses.

Better technology means longer life: We, as the 4 stroke outboard motor manufacturers, have designed this outboard for consistent lubrication. This design helps the cool engine components that further controls the durability. This outboard has an exhaust port which operates with tighter tolerances for a long time.

More environmentally responsible: They are cleaner compared to 2 strokes. And they don’t release oil directly into the water. Our provided outboards have ultra-low emissions.

Pleasant boating experience: It emits less smoke and smell. Hence, it doesn’t ruin your day in the water.

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