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Do You Have To Winterize The Outboard Motor?

Do You Have To Winterize The Outboard Motor?

When the summer fishing season or recreational fun is over and the cold weather is about to set in, you can put your boat stored away. The china 4 Stroke outboard motor supplier mentioned the motor needs some extra care. Concocting it for the harsh winters is necessary if you have to keep your engine going strong for several years to come.

To winterize the outboard motor, you only want a few simple tools. Though one piece of specialized equipment you would invest in is an outboard engine flushing device. You may also require a fuel stabilizer and a tin of fogging oil. Moreover, west Marine walks you through how to winterize your motor and why it is essential.

Stabilize the fuel in the outboard motor

One of the essential steps to getting your motor ready for winter is to alleviate the fuel in the tank, no matter if you have any brand motor. Gasoline left to sit for months can separate, discharging the water from the fuel. The moisture may start corroding the internal parts, which is costly to fix, especially if you try to run the outboard motor with the water inside.

However, drain any old gasoline from the tank and fill it with a fresh batch until approximately 95% complete. You want to ensure to leave a little room for the fuel to expand when temperatures change significantly. The china 4 Stroke outboard motor supplier suggests adding a fuel stabilizer to the gas. It helps the fuel from breaking down. Though you are at it, you can replace the fuel filter if your tank has one.

Next, you may have to run the motor for around 15 minutes or so. Failure to do it will source damage to your outboard motor when you try to run it in the spring. You can want to do it so that the fuel gets into the fuel lines and other interior parts to get coated with the fuel or stabilizer mixture. You can also drain the old fuel from the tank and store it empty over the winter if you select.

Flush and drain water from your motor

Another essential factor when winterizing your outboard motor is to flush it with water. It will help get rid of any sediment gathering within the system. Hook up a hose to a motor flush attachment, which may cover the water intake on the motor’s lower unit. You can turn on the water and then start the engine.

When you have completed flushing it, you need to ensure you have drained any water from the system. Move the stroke motor back and forth to support get all the water out. If you leave moisture and it freezes, you can crack it, which will cost you quite a bit to repair or replace the motor next season.

Some engine experts recommend that you use antifreeze instead of water. If you select to do that, ensure you are using an antifreeze made superior for marine applications. The antifreeze cannot freeze up inside the outboard motor over the winter.

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