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Confused Between 2 Stroke & 4 Stroke Outboard Motor? Go Through This Useful Guide

Confused Between 2 Stroke & 4 Stroke Outboard Motor? Go Through This Useful Guide

2 stroke outboard engine

If you’re willing to buy a piece of that non-stop boat in action, yet equally confused between which one to choose; 2 strokes or 4 strokes outboard motor, then this is the formative guide that will certainly help you make the best decision.

Many people have die-hard opinions on this; well both have their functions. The two-stroke boards take less maintenance and less money. The two-stroke outboard motor can often accelerate faster than four-stroke since it has a two-cycle engine as compared to a four-cycle engine

Fewer cycles faster off the starting line, and most importantly; the two-stroke outboard motor has a unique smell that can’t find in other motor engines. Now, let’s move to few cons of two-stroke outboard motors which any 2 strokes outboard supplier will never tell you, or will inform you in a sugar-coated way, so read and learn yourself instead of getting trapped in their marketing tactic.

Cons of 2 stroke outboard motor

This outboard motor can be a bit noisy if they’re older carbureted ones. If you’re trying to sneak out of your secret fishing spot, this motor might give away your location. These engines lag when it comes to fuel economy and emission standards.

The later models of two-stroke like; VRO from Evinrude has something called direct oil injection which allowed you the pleasure of not mixing oil and gas. This system had an oil reservoir and a pump that would mix the oil for you, but we all know that these are useless and only work best when deleted

Make sure to read every single piece of information about 2 stroke outboard motor manufacturer before you reach out to any retailer, make sure the manufacturer is certified and reputable.

Four Stroke Engines /Outboard Motor

The four-stroke outboard motor or four-cycle engines are much quieter as compared to the two-stroke. The newer models are more fuel-efficient with their fuel injection, fancy synthetic oil, and computer system.

The best part of 4 stroke motor is, there’s no mixing of oil into fuel, there’s a separate compartment in the crankcase and you just need to check the level or change the oil at 4 strokes outboard motor manufacturer’s specified intervals. The oil doesn’t burn well, neither it is supposed to; rather oil just lubricates, moving parts within the engine

Cons of 4 Stroke Outboard Motor

You’ll have to save a bit heavy investment because no matter how friendly terms you have with 4 stroke outboard motor supplier, yet this engine is expensive, then it takes the additional expense of oil and filter changes.

Also, you’ll need professional assistance at marine on smaller boats. The four-stroke can also get flooded if they’re titled up on the back of the boat during transport because of engine angle, or due to floats. In light of this flaw, we can recommend 2 stroke motor that is best for smaller boats, as, with four strokes, this motor requires you to take the boat up, out of the water, into a garage, or certified marine mechanic

You won’t like disposing of tons of oil after changing oil, however, the burnt oil which somehow escapes from two-stroke into the lake isn’t good. This is a serious, yet common flaw which must be brought to attention of 4 stroke outboard motor manufacturers as it’s a bit heavy engine than 2 stroke motor. The bigger money invested, the better this engine must perform to make a penny worth invested.

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